Twitter fans urge Taooma to drag Rinu the activist

Twitter fans urge Taooma to drag Rinu the activist

The Twitter Spaces planned by activist, Rinu Oduala for Saturday with former Senate President, Bukola Saraki has elicited strong reactions from some Twitter users.

Some of the reactions stem from how she had cricitised skit maker, Taooma and others for visiting Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Twitter fans urge Taooma to drag Rinu the activist

In November 2021, after the visit to Osinbajo, Oduala had slammed Taooma for making her visit look like an advocacy on behalf of the youths.

She said, “The issue here isn’t about the visit. You asked for the audience to see Osinbajo to promote your Skits Industry Awards. You guys are now making it look like you specifically went to talk on behalf of the youths.”

On Friday, some Nigerians on Twitter asked Taooma to ‘drag’ Oduala for allegedly doing the same thing she accused her of doing back then.

Tweep, Ehix @Ehix07 said,
“I wish #_Taooma, can just fly to London to go see Tinubu, or fly to Abuja to go greet VP… Dear #_Taooma, You need to drag Rinu till she reach her elastic limit. I want to see something.”

Sulaiman Adenuga felt the same way, tweeting, “Dear #_Taooma when are you going to drag Rinu on the TL and IG? Or is this not the same reason why she dragged you and your other colleagues few weeks back?”

Another tweep, Mazi Patriarchy said, “I’ve said it before. Many of your favourite Twitter accounts are nothing but political tools. It is business for them. Taooma was not the first neither is Rinu going to be the last. Everybody is all about the paper, and na on top your head dey go dey cash out.”

Abiodun Bello tweeted, “Shey Taooma realised how foolish she was apologising to people like Rinu for fraternising with Prof Osibanjo. Shey she can see the same Rinu associating with Saraki freely.”

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