• Arravo, Cisco harp on Future of Work in digitalised economy
A survey carried out by technology firm, Arravo has revealed that 84 per cent of the workforce sampled preferred to work from home post COVID-19.

The workforce, according to the survey, believes that the new norm brings in flexibility and dynamism to the work system.

Arravo revealed this, when it hosted a forum alongside its partner, Cisco, on ‘Future of Work in Digitised Economy,’ in Lagos.

The forum established that there is a need for organisations to create an intelligent workspace that will enable staff members’ work from distant locations outside of the office, while still contributing to the growth of the organisation.

Chief Executive Officer of Arravo, Ayo Adegboye, who spoke to journalists about the future of work, said: “The focus of the forum is on how to make work much more convenient, seamless and secure for organisations, despite security threats in cyberspace. Today there is a paradigm shift in work space, where people can work remotely from outside of their offices and still contribute meaningfully to the growth of the organisation, and this can be achieved successfully if the right technology is applied.”

Adegboye spoke about Cisco unified communications tool, which he said had been designed to make communication seamless and convenient in a work environment.

According to him, one of the challenges that organisations face is connectivity, which has to do with bandwidth optimisation, adding that working with Cisco as a partner, Arravo has been able to address all of that by optimising bandwidth in the most advanced way such that with a little amount of it (bandwidth), organisations can do a lot more in the area of connectivity.

“Another challenge to the future of work is security and Cisco has invested so much in security in order to address the issue of insecurity and to put the future of work in good perspective. Arravo has always gone ahead of customers to invest in technology that will enhance customers operations in the last 14 years.

“We have maintained our Gold Partner position with Cisco in the last 13 years, which required huge investments in order to ensure the smooth operations of our customers. We have operations across Nigeria and we are expanding outside of Nigeria to meet the needs of our customers that have branches outside Nigeria,” Adegboye said.

In his presentation, the General Manager, Enterprise Business at Arravo, Tola Olaayan, said the survey carried out on future of work after the COVID-19 lockdown, showed that 55 per cent of employee had positive impact on work motivation, 84 per cent preferred working from outside of the office space, 67 per cent saw security as their main challenge, while 40 per cent saw remote working as a challenge.

According to Olaayan, organisations are now adopting cloud technology and Software as a Service in order to save cost and drive efficiency. He said Cisco would continue to offer the best and diverse technology solutions that would enhance the future of work.

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