Olamide brags about the natural talent of Yoruba men

Rapper and singer, Olamide brags about the natural talent of Yoruba men

Musician and StarMaker, Olamide Adedeji popularly known as Olamide Badoo has revealed the natural talent of Yoruba men.

According to him, Yoruba men serve breakfast for fun and serving of breakfast is one of his side hustles.

Taking to his Twitter page, the rapper revealed most people’s impression of love and how it has been painted to be found in other people but ourselves is a shameful act. In his opinion, growing love for yourself is a top priority before loving others.

He said:

Olamide brags about the natural talent of Yoruba men

“What a shame it truly is— that some of us have lived our entire lives under the impression that the love we have been searching for was to be found, first and foremost, in anyone but ourselves.”

However, a follower who had thought the post sounded like a heartbreak note responded to Olamide, stating that they had served him breakfast.

Na breakfast quote be this ,them don serve baba hot breakfast, the follower wrote.

In response to the follower’s comment, he bragged that no one can break the heart of a heart breaker, adding that no one plays with an offspring of a snake.

Olamide said:

Ki lo fin shere bi omo snake yii? I break hearts for a living.

Many social users have stormed social media space undoubting the rapper’s revelation since he is a Yoruba ‘demon’; a term generally used for young, rich Yoruba men.

asiwajulerry wrote:

Na the President for our Heartbreak FC be that

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