Obi Cubana shares some Monday motivation with youths

Billionaire Businessman, Obi Cubana, advises youth on the essence of growth.

Good morning my fellow Youths!Today let’s talk about GROWTH!

Growth is an increase in size or importance of something. When a baby is born, it is required that he or she grows in stature and maturity.

When a child doesn’t grow when required, it becomes a cause for worry.

Likewise when as individuals, we don’t experience personal growth in all aspects of our lives, it becomes a challenge.

When we speak of growth, we speak of advancement, enhancement, maturity, blooming & rising beyond our current state.

Every person in the world is on their own unique journey & a huge aspect of this journey is your own personal growth. Personal growth now becomes imperative for our success in life; Both physically, Spiritually, Financially & otherwise.

We ought to strive for personal growth. Please note that no one is born perfect & you can’t achieve perfection no matter how much you try.

Maximize your talents &potentials. You were created with a skill and talent. Discover it and develop your ideal identity. Develop yourself.

Challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. No one achieves much staying in their comfort zone. No matter how rich you are, there’s always a next level.

Draw inspiration from others. Be inspired by the life lessons of others. Learn from their mistakes and successes. I talked about this earlier. Always find avenues to learn new things.

Continuous learning is key in order to grow. Life evolves. Things keep changing. We need to always strive to learn to keep up with the flow and be relevant. Don’t get rusty. Schedule time for self improvement.

Finally track your progress. Make sure you keep track of when you started and how far you’ve gone. Be disciplined! Work on you for YOU!

Remember, Growth is uncomfortable and sometimes painful because you’ve never been there before.Explore. Dream. Discover.

NOW is the time!It is hard work and slow work but it can be thrilling to watch it take shape.”

Keep taking those tiny steps. keep walking. don’t stop. Don’t give up. A time will come when you’ll look back and be amazed at how far you’ve gone. Have a blessed week🙏

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