A Mental Health Advocate proclaim that nurses are going through severe burnout due to excessive workloads amid the incessant increase of brain drain in the Nigerian health sector.

Why Nurses go Through Burnout as Brain Drain Worsen– Practitioner Explains


The development has resulted in drastic reduction in the number of nurses (particularly psychiatric nurses) available in the hospital, the few remaining nurses were going through severe burnouts due excessive workloads and overtime services.

The truth is that majority of the psychiatric nurses has left the country to practice abroad. As a result, the few remaining nurses are going through severe burnouts due to too much workloads for nurses doing three to four stretch of shifts consecutively.

Presently, at yaba psychiatric hospital, a nurse will consecutively do morning shift, do night and equally continue the next morning as there’s no one available to exchange her because of the limited number of nurses, the normal ratio supposed to be one nurse to four patients, in order for the nurse to render holistic care and services.

But currently, we are having one nurse to 35 patients and the nurse will still not handover to another person at the expiration of a shift, salvage the situation to the Federal Government health institution, and directives from the authority.

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