Grammy nominee, Made Kuti has made a well-timed return with a new single, “No more wars.”

“No more wars”, released on August 5th 2022, is one of the singles off his forthcoming album.

The GMK and Sodi Marciszewer produced single was written and performed by Made Kuti.

“No more wars” follows the success of Kuti’s first album “, For’e’ward” which was jointly released alongside his father’s album and titled “legacy +.”

The multi-instrumentalist gives a powerful vocal performance on the song, which promotes the need to embrace peace and reawaken fundamental ideals amid difficult times.

Mádé Kuti’s new music combines soulful Afrobeat chords, horns, and voices to create a distinctive sound that will appeal to both young and older Nigerians as well as international audiences. It draws from a rich well of knowledge and understanding of insecurity and global wars as well as the Afrobeat storytelling tradition.

Listen to “No more wars” by Made Kuti

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