Lagos State Labour Party (LP), yesterday, postponed till Wednesday its primary to elect governorship candidate for the party over omission in delegate’s list.

The secretary of the party in Lagos State and Chairman of the substitution governorship primary Sam Emeka Okpara, said the postponement became imperative because of errors observed in the delegates list of some local councils.

He said, “At the point of starting the exercise, one of the aspirants raised an issue that some of the delegates from some local government areas were omitted.

“We promised all the aspirants that the primary would be transparent, free and fair and whatever issues are on ground would be sorted out. One of the major complaints was that some of the delegate’s names were omitted and we said it could be a typographic mistake.”

A governorship aspirant, Moshood Adegoke Salvador, who called for the postponement of the primary alleged that the delegates’ list had been altered to favour, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour.

He said if he had not been vigilant to observe that the delegates’ list had been altered against him; the process would have been compromised against him. Salvador said he was optimistic of clinching the party’s ticket if the primary is free and fair.

According to him each of the aspirants were asked to submit 100 names as delegates but to his surprise 26 delegates of the 100 he submitted their names were missing from the list.

He said, “I can confidently say the party is the problem of itself. We have done all possible best. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is like a cousin to me, his father even spoke to me this morning (yesterday), I even pledged N5m to his election if he wins.

“The omission cannot be taken as a mistake, it is deliberate. I don’t have confidence in this electoral body again. We are saying we want a better Nigeria. People are shouting ‘Peter Obi.’ I kept telling them that I am known for integrity. I am known for anti-corruption. I have never taken Local, State or Federal Government contract in my life.

“The party would need to reorganise itself. The delegates list can be doctored and they are now saying they are going to correct it, therefore, we cannot have confidence in this electoral body again. The primary election should be cancelled.” Salvador said.

Responding Rhodes-Vivour said there was a mistake in the delegates list, adding that the party would take necessary steps to correct it.

“Everybody has their delegates list and they would be accredited. There are no issues here,” he said. Rhodes-Vivour also denied the report that the party asked him to step down for Salvador.

“Everybody bought a form to contest in the election and the fact of the matter is that I have the right to contest.

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