*I’m Not In For Marriage, I Want To Have 1 More Baby And Enjoy My Life” – Actor Yomi Fabiyi’s Baby Mama says* *By Adejumo Funmi*


Grace Jimoh, who happens to be the baby mama of Yoruba movie actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has surprised many of her followers on Instagram after she responded to one of her followers’ questions, who asked whether she would accept the father of her child back if he wishes to reconcile with her.

The actress did not hesitate to give an immediate answer to the follower, stating the reasons why she would decline such a request and instead prefer to have another child and move on with her life.

In her new post where she asked her followers on Instagram to ask her questions, one of her fans asked if she would give her baby daddy a second chance if he was willing to take her back and settle with each other.

She responded in a straightforward manner, stating the reasons why she would not consider settling with him anymore. In her own response, she made it known that she is not in for marriage at the moment and that she just wants to have one more baby and enjoy her life.

She stated that she will not be duped by a man who will pretend to love her while cheating on her with another woman. It remains to be seen whether she would change her mind and consider a reconciliation with her baby daddy, but for now, her response indicates that she is not considering doing it at the moment.

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