Recall that the Haitian President, Jovenel Moïse and his first lady were brutally attacked on Wednesday, 7th of July.

It could be recalled that Moïse died, but his wife survive and still in a critical condition.

The Haitian Police have just released the names of those involved in the killing of the President. According to the country’s police, James Solages, 35, and Joseph Vincent, both US citizens of the Haitian descent were arrested along with some 15 nationals of Columbia.

The officials also said Solanges lives in Fort Lauderdale, and he is the president of a charity based in South Florida ad he claims to be a former bodyguard at the Canada’s embassy in Haiti. The other US citizen, Vincent lives in Miami area.

It is of note that both men were born in Haiti.

The chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles clarified that only three other suspects who have been identified as Columbians were killed by the police, adding that eight others are on the run.

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