A contestant running for the post of the secretary of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Lagos chapter, Nta Ekpiken has contravened section 15 (8) of the NBA rule on campaign.


The provision stipulates that publication, printing or distribution of any campaign materials, gifts or any form of  souvenir whatsoever by a candidate or his supporter (s) is hereby prohibited and any candidate who contravenes this provision shall be disqualified from being voted for.

It is of note that despite having deep knowledge and understanding or the modus operandi as regards to campaign and the consequences of contravening the rule, Miss Ekpiken, a member of the NBA Lagos 2018 Law Week Planning Committee and member of fhe 2019 NBA AGC -Technical Committee on Conference Planning, has printed and sent letters to different offices of members on the voters list in which she was clearly campaigning to voters and asking for their votes.

When lawyers who are meant to be custodians of the law do not adhere to their own laws, it reflects the extent of moral decadence of the Nigerian political structure. I hope we do better someday.

By Voxpra

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