American songwriter Diane Warren has come under fire on Twitter after questioning Beyoncé’s songwriting credits on her single, “Alien Superstar” off “Renaissance.”

Warren inform How can there be 24 writers on one song, the songwriter followed up her original This isn’t meant as shade, I’m just curious, it’s prob samples that add up the amount of writers, Although Beyonce, album were not mentioned by name by Warren, the Beehive was quick to react.

The Dream, a singer-songwriter, was the first famous person to criticize Warren, you mean how’s does our (Black) culture have so many writers, well it started because we couldn’t afford certain things starting out, so we started sampling and it became an art form, a major part of the Black Culture (hip hop) in America..

Writer Roxane Gay also addressed Warren. It was meant as shade, Warren later apologized, meant no disrespect to Beyonce, who I’ve worked with and admire.

According to Billboard, the song “Alien Superstar” on Beyoncé’s new album “Renaissance” has 24 writers: Beyoncé herself, S. Carter (Jay-Z), HoneyRedmond, Christopher Laurence Penny, Luke Francis Matthew Solomon, Denisia “@Blu_June” Andrews for @Novawav, Brittany “@Chi_Coney” for @Novawav, David Debrandon Brown, Dave Hamelin, Timothy Lee McKenzie, Danielle Balbuena, Rami Yacoub, Leven Kali, Atia Boggs p/k/a Ink, Levar Coppin, Saliou Diagne, Mike Dean, Robert Francis Anthony Manzoli, Richard Peter John Fairbrass, Christopher Abbott Bernard Fairbrass, John Michael Holiday, Barbara Ann Teer, Kim Cooper and Peter Rauhofer.

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