In an Instagram post on Wednesday, July 28, Christiano Ronaldo’s sister revealed she was in hospital in her native island of Madeira, Portugal. She has pneumonia after getting complications in her battle with covid-19.


Katia Aveiro, who is a sister to superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, has recently been hospitalized after contracting Covid-19.

The 42-year-old singer is being treated at Dr Nelio Mendonca Hospital, the same place Cristiano’s mum was taken for emergency surgery following her stroke last year.


The sister, shared a selfie of her laid up in bed and wrote in the caption: “This is the last type of publication I would like to write.

“I tried not to do it in recent days, but as news travels fast, and out of respect for those who follow me and care for me and my loved ones, I will share with you the truth, I was caught by this damn virus. I tested positive on July 17 and have been self-isolating at home since.


“I was doing well with few symptoms and following protocol.

“Everyone at home kept away from mum and the videos I have published where I am outside were taken before I tested positive.

Admitting she had caught pneumonia as a result of the virus, she added: “I was admitted to hospital and here I am, doing everything I should and recovering thanks God and thanks to the wonderful medical team here.”

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