In the latest stop of his ‘Love, Damini’ US tour, Burna Boy became the first African to sell out the 20,000-capacity State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Details: Burna Boy has been recording historic turnout at all the venues of his ongoing ‘Love, Damini’ tour and at his latest stop In Atlanta, the Grammy winner sold out the prestigious 20,000-capacity State Farm Arena.

The concert was held on Sunday 31st July 2022 and over 20,000 thousand fans filled out the arena to watch Burna Boy thrill them with his electrifying and unforgettable performance.

So far, Burna Boy’s concerts have attracted Africans in diaspora and people of all races who are increasingly becoming captivated by Afrobeats.

Another feather to Burna Boy’s well-decorated hat: Since he achieved international success, Burna Boy has established himself as the artist pushing the boundaries of success and fame in Afrobeats.

He has accumulated over 2 billion streams across all credits on Spotify. He has the globally coveted Grammy Awards. He has won three consecutive BET Awards. And most remarkably, he has sold out prestigious venues around the world that no other African act has previously attempted.

In 2022, Burna Boy has sold out the world-renowned 20,000 Madison Square Garden to the 20,300 Accor Arena in France, to the 16,500 Ahoy Arena, and the 17k Ziggodome in Holland, the 19,000 Toyota Centre in Houston, and now the 21, 000 State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

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