Aregbesola rejects result of Osun Apc Gubernatorial primary, suggests legal action

Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, has described the Osun governorship primary of the All Progressives Congress as a “sham of an election”.

The former governor of Osun, Aregbesola in statement issued by Sola Fasure, his media aide, asked his supporters not to be downcast or resort to violence over the outcome of the exercise.

 He said reports were being collected from members of his factions across the state. After a careful study of the reports, the minister said legal action would be considered. 

The statement reads, “You have demonstrated your loyalty to the party and democratic ideals. You have comported yourselves as Omoluabi in the true essence. 

“We have received and continue to receive the reports of the shenanigans of the officials who conducted the sham of an election. We have been inundated with reports state-wide of how your names were expunged from the party’s voters register, which was not made available until this morning, contrary to the convention of making the list available to the candidates before the election. 

“We have heard of how party registration cards were being hawked this morning to the supporters of the state governor.We have also received reports of how accreditation was not done at all in many wards and how people without the party identification just participated and queued behind the governor in many polling units. 

“We have received the report from our members and independent observers, how government officials and notable supporters of the governor officiated in the election, how votes were farcically counted in favour of the governor and how the votes recorded for him were more than the number of voters accredited ab initio in many units. 

“We have heard of the absence of result sheets and other vital documents for recording results and vital data. We note also the absence of INEC officials in most wards, casting serious doubt on the credibility of the election. We note with shame and much regret the consternation of local and international observers on what they regard as a travesty of an election. 

“I will urge you to maintain your cool and calm. Be not downcast, be not agitated. Hold your head high. We are still receiving and studying all these reports and will take a definitive position on them. You are urged not to take laws into your hands. Please leave the rest to the Almighty God and let us explore all peaceful and legal means for addressing the matter in order to obtain justice

“Please remain committed to peace and the rule of law. Be unflinching in your commitment to the democratic ideals. Democracy is for the long haul. As you all know, we never tire and we never give up on the cause we believe in. Be rest assured that victory is ours.” 

By Voxpra

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