Man saves his children from burning in Michigan

The father of the year awards seems to have been awarded to a Michigan father who went into a burning house to save his kids from burning

Father of the year

In an Instagram post by @jojoandmaya_

Earlier this month, Ray Lucas and his girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown returned after a trip to the corner store to find their Michigan home engulfed in flames — and their twin daughters were trapped inside.

Lucas’ mother, who had been watching the 18-month-old girls, was panicking in the front yard in Eastpointe, Michigan. “I was speechless. Action took over me. I ran into the house to get my babies,” Lucas, 23, told CNN.

“You really couldn’t see your hand in front of your face – I really only found my babies due to my memory, just knowing where they were and knowing how to get to them – just from having that same route.”

Lucas suffered from burns on his arms, ears, face and neck, and was blind for three days because his corneas were damaged and swelled up due to smoke exposure.

They lost their property but luckily the children are doing fine.

📸: CNN

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