A 63-year-old man who has been making sexual advances towards his daughter-in-law in Akero village, Bukedea district, Uganda was fined one he-goat and shs100,000 cash after publicly receiving 10 strokes of cane.


Martine Okwii, a clan elder said that the accused man identified as Moses Oluka, was fond of sleeping with his daughters-in-law. 

It was gathered that the victim, Alupo Jessica and her husband, Akol Samuel, reported to the clan head, Akol Joseph about her father-in-law’s sexual advances.

On his part, Akol Samuel said that his father has been beckoning his wife against her will.
The clan leader summoned a meeting with the clan elders to take disciplinary action against the randy father-in-law. 
The clan elders then proposed to subject him to 10 strokes of cane, a fine of one he-goat and shs100,000. 
The punishment was metted out to the accused on Tuesday, July 27.

By Voxpra

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