43-year-old man arrested by police

43-year-old man arrested for beating his daughter to death

One 43-year-old man who bears Sanjo has reportedly been arrested for beating his crying daughter to death.

Sanjo who is a resident of Alekuwodo community in Osogbo, Osun state capital was handed over to the police after the incident was reported to the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Affairs.

Sanjo who maintained that it was not an intentional act, said he got married to his wife in 2008 and they had five children.

He said “It was the third child that I beat unintentionally to death.

“My wife left the child with me and she started crying. I did all I could to placate her, but she kept crying. Something just came upon me and I beat the two months old baby to death. My wife and I buried the child on our farmland.”

However when interrogated, his wife said four of their five children had died, leaving them with only the last child.

She revealed that she conspired with her husband to kill two of the children due to poverty, and they dumped one child around Osogbo Technical School area.

Commenting on the incident, Osun state Commissioner for Women, Children and Social Affairs, Olubukola Olaboopo said the state won’t condone acts of violence and child abuse as anyone caught would face the wrath of the law.

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