The Niger state Government has declared Thursday and Friday as work-free days to enable civil servants who had not obtained their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs), to do so

The Government Of Niger State Declares 2 days Public Holidays for Civil Servants to Acquire PVC

The Niger State Government Announcement

The importance of the PVC to the performance of their civic responsibilities especially civil servants not to miss out on the opportunity of exercising their constitutional right of participating in the electoral process.

The Government of Niger State acknowledges the importance of workers in the democratic process, and is aware that the only way workers can give life to their aspiration for a worker-friendly government is through their votes.

Consequently, Thursday and Friday have been declared work-free days in all government offices across the state, to enable all public and civil servants to pick their PVC’s so they can perform their civic duty.

The security agencies, had taken concrete measures to deal with any form of security threats in the state. support of traditional and religious leaders in mobilizing residents to volunteer reliable information on bad characters in their midst .

He said that credible information on suspected miscreants would enable the security personnel to apprehend them for prosecution

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