Bose Ogulu

Bose Ogulu is a talented Nigerian businesswoman and manager who is best known as the mother and manager of Grammy award-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

Here are some interesting things to know about Bose Ogulu:

Bose Ogulu
  1. Bose Ogulu was born on July 16, 1961, in Rivers State, Nigeria.
  2. She has a Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages from the University of Calabar and a Masters’s degree in translation from the University of Port Harcourt.
  3. Bose Ogulu is the co-founder of Spaceship Collective, Burna Boy’s record label, and artist management company.
  4. Before becoming Burna Boy’s manager, she worked as a translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  5. Bose Ogulu is a strong advocate for women’s rights and empowerment in Nigeria. She is a member of the African Feminist Forum and is involved in several women’s organizations.
  6. In 2019, Bose Ogulu was named one of the 100 most influential Africans by New African magazine.
  7. She is also known for her strong fashion sense and has been featured in several international fashion magazines for her unique style.
  8. Bose Ogulu is married to Samuel Ogulu, a retired senior lecturer in management at the University of Port Harcourt. They have three children together, including Burna Boy.
  9. She is actively involved in philanthropic activities and supports several causes, including education, women’s empowerment, and poverty alleviation.
  10. Bose Ogulu is a proud and vocal supporter of the Nigerian music industry and advocates for more government support for the sector.

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